Reviewer: Adri Signed Date: 03/12/11 - 01:55AM Title: part VI, "Homecoming"; chapter 30, "Sins of Omission"

Hi, I've been re-reading the entire series, mostly to double check if the hints I thought I remembered do point to what I suspect about certain characters. Still love it after the 6th? time through. This chapter however is not listed in the series, I had to hunt it down. I'm also starting to wonder about the name of the series and if that is a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Author's Response: Hi, Adri. Yes, Part 6 somehow got eliminated from the Series list, but you can find it on the Stories list. I don\'t know how to go about correcting this. Anyway, yes, there are some interesting revelations coming -- mostly about things that neither the Immortals nor the Watchers ever thought to track down. The running theme in the series is that things not done, or not thought of, can bite worse than active mistakes. It\'ll be awhile before the next chapter comes in, but I hope it\'ll settle a lot of questions. Bon appetit! --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: alicebs Signed Date: 05/20/09 - 02:41AM Title: part VI, "Homecoming"; chapter 30, "Sins of Omission"

That was a very nice interlude, a "homecoming" for Duncan and Connor. None of the dire ends I was foreseeing materialised: Gregor becoming possessed by Ahriman, a double quickening of Gregor and Lanishta welding all the others into One, and what not...

I suppose now Methos, Duncan and Connor will be strengthened to go after Ahriman. It seems Duncan has forgotten about that, wishing for "a few years peace". But I doubt Method did.

All the best, and thank you for these wonderful chapters that followed so quickly one after the other.

Author's Response: And thank you, also. Yes, this is an interlude -- where Duncan and Connor finally get back together and make peace. No, that peace won\'t last long, but let\'s let them enjoy it for awhile. And yes, Connor too will go after Ahriman -- ah, but that\'s another story! The chapters followed quickly because \"Homecoming\" was written as a single novella, but my word-processing program at the time wouldn\'t hold a file that big, so I had to break it into chapters. Now there\'ll be another pause while I write the next couple chapters. Patience! --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 05/19/09 - 11:59PM Title: part VI, "Homecoming"; chapter 30, "Sins of Omission"

Nice Ankles ::snort:: - Hope they didn't tattoo that girl anywhere on her body, even under a Brazilian bikini wax! (as if!).

Lovely ending.

I wonder how long before the real world intrudes, and can they keep the Cassandra away from John? I'm sure she would find him just *fascinating*

Author's Response: Glad you liked. Hmmm, yes, she\'s got the tattoo, just not in the usual place. *Snicker* ...Okay, it\'s on the back of her neck, just below the hairline, where her hair usually hides it. Yes, the real world will intrude soon enough, and yes Cassandra will show up. Ah, but remember, she has good reason to be afraid of Connor! More to come. Patience! --Leslie <;)))><