Reviewer: alicebs Signed Date: 05/17/09 - 07:49AM Title: part III, "Homecoming", chapter 30: "Sins of Omission"

Well, well, it never rains but it pours, as Alexandra would say. Four chapters in less than a week, that was fantastic!

It is good that the story is going somewhere, but I wondered about the reason for Gregor's entrance into the story - besides giving John his first death. Will he become involved somehow in Ahriman's hunt? Ahriman's ally, perhaps?

Thanks, anyway, I am looking forward to the continuation!

Author's Response: Actually, Gregor is a catalyst for a lot of things. He thinks he\'s the hottest thing on wheels, but he\'s only a catalyst for a lot of people and relationships he knows nothing about. He\'s like the thumbtack that gives you a flat tire so that you have to stay the night in this mysterious small town in the desert... etc. Anyway, there\'s more to come. Stay tuned! --Leslie <;)))><