Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 05/15/09 - 02:00AM Title: Chapter 29, "Sins of Omission"

Glad this story hasn't run off to Bora Bora yet! Are you already working on the next part, or will we see it in another year. I keep wondering why Connor faked his death, and if he will somehow get involved with the Sword/Shield project.

I also keep feeling that Connor won't make a move until some mishap takes place with John, his wife is killed (by John/Ahriman), and Connor tracks down Duncan for an explanation as too why a Demon took out *his* family as payback? Well, there goes Connor's anonymity, and people aren't going to thank him for killing Connor off--is he even aware of what he forced Duncan to do? I really, really wonder.

Also-how is it possible for Duncan to retain Connor's memories, when Connor isn't really dead? Or, is Connor 'mostly dead'....

Just a few future possibilities/thoughts.

Looking forward to your next installment!


Author's Response: Ahahaha! Oh yes, there\'s much more to the story to come; in fact, I\'d written the next couple chapters before I wrote this one, which is why filling in the gaps took me so long. Don\'t worry, the next chapter will come soon. Yes, Connor won\'t make a move until something outside his control happens, which will show up in the next (large) chapter. As for how Duncan got his memories, remember that Connor impressed his mind on Duncan\'s thoroughly enough to use his body in combat; that necessarily meant impressing his memories, too. Hmmm, how much have you studied about psychic practice? No, it won\'t be Ahriman who comes after Connor. Heheheheh. Patience! It won\'t be long now. --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: iadorespike Signed Date: 05/13/09 - 09:52PM Title: Chapter 29, "Sins of Omission"

Another wonderful chapter in this amazing saga...I almost swooned from happiness when I was notified that this had been posted. Thank-you sooooooo much. (Oh, and you should add the Sins of Omission series tag to this story.)

Now, to get down to it...Connor!!! Sheesh. I won't say any more. :(

I absolutely adore the relationship that you've developed between Duncan and Methos, and this chapter just adds to it. Lovely. I'm pretty worried about Methos, though, because I really don't trust Cassandra around him. At all. And it really looks as though Methos will be the *sword*, and, yeah...I don't trust Cassandra. At this point, I can only hope that her feelings for Joe and Duncan will keep her from doing anything horrible, but I'm not sure. Maybe they could sit down to a *mediation* of their own? She really needs to get past this - for her own sake and for everyone else's as well. Oy.

So, really...thanks so much for your writing and posting and making this available for us to read. I so, so, so appreciate it. :)


Author's Response: Glad you liked! Yes, the next chapter will come soon; I actually wrote the next couple chapters well before I wrote this one. #29 took so long because I had to fill in all the gaps in order. Hmmm, I thought I *had* tagged this as part of the \"Sins of Omission\" series. Maybe I\'d best get back to HL Fic and see what happened to the label. Yes, Methos and Cassandra are on a collision course -- but this time, if ya please, Connor will be in on it. Patience; the next chapter will come soon, promise. --Leslie <;)))><