Reviews For Sastrugi
Reviewer: ponee59 Signed Date: 07/05/09 - 06:41AM Title: 1.1

Very well written! Pace and storyline are exiting. Story gripping and hold a readers attention to the end of the tale

Reviewer: Innogen Signed Date: 05/07/09 - 05:03PM Title: 1.1

Beautiful - am I beginning to repeat myself yet? Well, memory is the first to go.... I love this more each time I immerse myself in the lyrical imagery.

Reviewer: macgeorge Signed Date: 12/22/08 - 09:14PM Title: 1.1

Beautifully crafted story! Not only is the atmosphere, beauty and mystery of the magic of Antarctica lovingly conveyed, but the whole plot, while totally outside canon, is perfectly believable and understandable, and fully explores these characters we love.

Terrific story.

Author's Response: eeeee. Thank you! *HUGS*