Reviews For Identity Crisis
Reviewer: Unseen Watcher Signed Date: 12/15/10 - 06:00PM Title: Identity Crisis

Heh heh. Brilliant. Joe's going to drag this story out or laughs for years. Muerte was the perfect target for this fic. Very fun!

Author's Response: It still amazes me how many people have seen Undercover Blues. Man, this was fun to write -- I\'m so glad you enjoyed reading it!

Reviewer: herk Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 03:57AM Title: Identity Crisis

Just this:

(I registered just to give YOU a review, now if that isn't a compliment, I don't know)

Author's Response: ::laughing:: Glad you liked it so much!

Reviewer: Kesomon Signed Date: 07/11/08 - 01:35AM Title: Identity Crisis

*HOWLS LAUGHING* Joe's not the only one! Write it! Write it!

Author's Response: ::snickering:: There wouldn\'t be much to it, so probably not going to happen. No bets though. Glad you liked the story so much!