Reviewer: Ellie_Smith Signed Date: 04/03/11 - 04:15PM Title: "Conversation in a Laundry Room"

I allways like reading interaction between these two. Lovely little fic :). The image of connor in a towel is allways good too >:-)

Author's Response: Glad you liked. Nearly all the stories in my subset of the HL universe are part of, basically, the same series. The \"Sins of Omission\" sub-series has lots of Connor stories, odd as that seems. Enjoy! --Leslie <;)))><

Reviewer: Unseen Watcher Signed Date: 12/14/10 - 06:04PM Title: "Conversation in a Laundry Room"

I love the interaction scene between them, and how you showed that while Connor looks younger our limited view of appearances isn't shared by seasoned immortals. Thanks for the Clan fic. Loved the laundry difficulties.