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Reviewer: macgeorge Signed Date: 11/09/06 - 02:50PM Title: None

I just rec'd these stories on hl_rec, and I thought I'd copy what I said there:

I have to give a caveat that I am not entirely comfortable with some persistent shades of Judgmental!Duncan, especially in the first story, Beyond Chivalry, and have always felt that Duncan knew Kristen had to die, just that as a former teacher of his, he couldn't bring himself to do it. I saw no evidence that he was angry at Methos for having done it, just regretful at the necessity. Whatever my characterization reservations, that story definitely has some hot sex in it.

The second in the series, Beyond Bordeaux, is an exciting, plotty, post-Horsemen tale that explores the whole double-Q issue. Again, Duncan is angry and judgmental, but throughout a complex adventure involving Cassandra and the rescue of some children in jeopardy (with Methos' semi-unwanted help) he struggles with his own feelings in a way that pretty much gets me there, and the rest of the story is a solid, good read.

Finally, there is Beyond the End, a heart-wrenching story of Duncan's all-consuming grief after Connor's death, but concluding with a very life-affirming moment.

All together, they are interesting stories, and while I have some Duncan characterization quibbles, I think the author makes a real effort at making him a thoughtful, complex character. Good, solid writing and the exploration of relationship issues between Duncan and Methos are the driving dynamics that make these stories worthwhile.

Reviewer: Killa Signed Date: 10/26/06 - 06:07PM Title: None

One of my all-time favorite stories/series in Highlander fandom. I've read this more times than I can count. The characterization and writing are top notch.