Femslash Genre
Noticed a discrepancy in spelling where some stories were categorized "Femslash" and others "Femmeslash," and a search would not find the former. Standardized spelling to "Femslash" and recategorized stories as necessary.

--Killa on 03/18/09 - 02:29PM
Anonymous reviews disabled
As expected, I've had to disable anonymous reviews to prevent random spam-type abuse of the feature. If you wish to review a story, you will need to register with the site and log in.

--Killa on 11/02/06 - 10:33PM
New Genre Classification Added
Just added "femslash" as a genre. Can't believe I forgot to do that. Doh!

--Killa on 10/23/06 - 04:26PM
New Category Added
I've added a category for Novella: Stories of between 25,000 - 49,999 words. I hope it helps people better classify their stories.

--Killa on 10/23/06 - 07:02AM
New Genre Classification Added
I've added a genre listing for "Humor" at Unovis's suggestion.

--Killa on 10/19/06 - 10:57PM
Archive Open for Posting
The archive is now ready for test posting of stories. Please let me know if you have any problems.

--Killa on 10/18/06 - 12:31PM
From the Archivist
A huge thank you to Robin Serrano at Slashcity for her tremendous generosity in providing resources and help in getting this set up.

--Killa on 10/17/06 - 06:49PM