Submission Rules:
Stories, poems, and essays are welcome. All work posted to this site should include Highlander-related content. Gen, slash, het, crossovers, nonfiction, and works in progress are all welcome. RPF (Real Person Fiction) is not permitted in the archive. For the time being, the archive is accepting only work written in English, but this may change in the future. If your posted work does not meet these rules, it will be deleted. Sorry!

About warnings: The policy of this archive is to leave warnings to the author's discretion. If you prefer to label your story with warnings, please do so, but it is not required. We do recommend using the warnings for maximum readership.

Please do not upload stories for another author without their express written permission. Each author must be responsible only for their own work.

Please spell-check your work before posting it! The archivist reserves the right to reject your story posting if it suffers from multiple typos or misspellings.

Q: Do I have to log in to use the archive?
A: No, you can read stories without logging in. You only need to create a login account if you want to upload something to the archive.

Q: I'm only interested in certain types of stories (i.e., D/M slash only, or stories for All Audiences, etc.) How do I find what I want to read?
A: On the Search page, you can use the drop-down menus to narrow the contents of the archive according to your preferences. You can search by character, rating, genre, and other criteria, or any combination. You can do the same thing within a particular category on the Categories page. There, you can also choose by combination of characters, which may help in locating a particular story if you can't remember the title.

Q: How do I upload something to the archive?
A: First, you need to create a login for yourself. To do this, go to the Login page and click Register. Enter the penname you wish to be listed under, and an email address. A temporary password will be emailed to you. (NOTE: Whatever email address you enter here will determine where messages from the admin, including lost password and story posting info, will be sent. Please choose an email address you know you'll be able to check, and remember to change it if you update your email!) If you don't receive a password within a few hours, email the archivist and ask her to manually assign you a temporary password. Once you receive your temporary password, return to the Login page and sign in. Once logged in, you can upload stories, edit stories you've uploaded, or change your account information by clicking on Account Info. You will probably want to change the password to something you can easily remember.

Once you've logged in with your penname, go to "Account Info." Click on "Add New Story." Choose a category from the drop-down menu, and click "Select."

Next, fill out the story upload form, being sure to choose any genre, character, warning, or rating information you wish to appear on the story. (Genre and Rating info is mandatory; Warnings are not.) If you are posting your story in one part (no chapters), enter "none" for Chapter Title.

At the bottom, you can either paste your story into the box provided as plain text, or you can attach a text (.txt) file from your hard drive. You can add some formatting if you wish, such as italics, bold, underline, centered text, etc. by using the limited HTML tags that are listed on the upload page.

Common mistakes to avoid: Please do not use tabs or spaces to indent your paragraphs -- these will be stripped out by the archive script. Please do not include any information at the top of the text file (such as story title or author name) that you have already entered into the upload form. Please do not use double slash marks to indicate thought, or anything else, as it will mess up the formatting of your story. Likewise, don't use paragraph marks to indicate paragraph breaks. The script can read regular line breaks, and using paragraph marks will screw up your spacing and make your story harder to read.

When you are finished, click "Preview." This will show you what your finished story will look like. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can make any changes in the text box, then click "Add Story." You can immediately see the story you just added by going to Account Info-->Manage Stories. You can edit or delete it by clicking on the appropriate links. Once the archive admin has validated your story, it will appear in the category listings. Once you have successfully formatted and posted a story, the admin will validate you as an approved author, so you won't have to wait for story validation each time.

Q: Is there a word limit?
A: You can post lengthy stories on the archive, but it's a good idea to split them into parts or chapters of 15,000 words or fewer. This will make load time faster, and keep the database from laboring too heavily.

Q: How do I post a story with multiple chapters?
A: First, go to your Account Info page and choose Add New Story. Choose all your settings, genre, characters, etc., and if you want to put a title on the chapter, do that. Paste the text of your first chapter into the story text field. Click Preview. When it comes up, click Add Story.

Next, go to "Account Info" and choose "Manage Stories." Choose "Add New Chapter" next to the story you want to add to. (Alternately, if you choose Edit-->Story, there is an "Add New Chapter" link at the bottom of the page.)

Put in a new chapter title if you want to (or leave it Chapter 2) and paste in the text of the next chapter. Preview. Add Story. Rinse, repeat.

Q: How do I post a series of stories?
A: First, post each of the stories one at a time by going to "Account Info" and "Add New Story," and adding the story as usual. Next, go to "Account Info" and choose "Add New Series." Fill out the form and click "Submit." Now go to "Account Info" and choose "Manage Series." From here, you can choose which stories to add to the series you just created, and choose what order they should appear in.

Q: I'm posting a crossover story. How do I indicate what fandom Highlander is being crossed with?
A: At this time, we don't have a field for "crossover fandom." Please indicate the crossover fandoms in your Summary field description.

Q: What if a story has more than one author?
A: The best idea is to post the story twice, once under each author's name -- that way, it will appear if a reader searches for all stories by a particular author. If the story is long and this is unwieldy, you may post the story once and then post a link to it under the co-author's name. Another option is to create a new penname for the authorial team, but to do that, you'll need a unique email address. This would also eliminate the story from searches based on just one author's name.

Q: Can I embed pictures in my stories?
A: Yes, you may use img src tags to place images in your files, but these images must be hosted on your own server.

Q: How do I create a plain text file?
When using MS Word or Wordpad, you can save a plain text file by selecting "File", "Save As" and then you will see dialog box with a place to fill in the "File name" and another to select the "Save as type". The dropdown arrow on the "Save as type" will allow you to select "Text only" or "Text document".

Q: I have a friend who writes great stories, and I'd like to upload them to the archive. Can I do that?
No. We ask that each author upload his or her own stories.

Q: One of my stories has been uploaded to the archive without my permission. What do I do?
Send an email to the archive admin with the title of the story, and we will remove it. Likewise, if you feel one of your stories has been plagiarized, email us with the specifics of the theft and we will investigate the matter. If it is discovered that plagiarism has occurred, we will remove the offending story immediately from the archive, no exceptions.

Q: What do the genre classifications mean?:
A: Right now, this site has eleven genre classifications:

...stories focused on plot elements other than romantic or sexual relationships. May include references to canon 'ships (such as Duncan/Amanda or Methos/Alexa) but are not focused on those elements.
...focus is on a heterosexual relationship or relationships. May or may not include sexual content.
...focus is on a homosexual relationship or relationships between male characters. May or may not include sexual content.

...focus is on a homosexual relationship or relationships between female characters. May or may not include sexual content.
Duncan/Methos Slash
...focus is on Duncan and Methos in a homosexual relationship. May or may not include sexual content. You may choose to list your story under both "Duncan/Methos" and "Slash."
...Highlander universe crossed over with another fandom or fandoms.
...Highlander characters in a threesome, or other type of nonexclusive relationship.
Alternate Universe
...should be self explanatory!
Historical Fic
...takes place before 1992. May include present day scenes if the bulk of the story is in the past.
Future Fic
...takes place after the current calendar year.
...should be self explanatory, as well.

A story may fall into more than one genre. Please take care when uploading to choose these carefully, to accurately reflect the content of your story.

Q: I uploaded a story, and it says it isn't completed. Where do I go to change that?
Once logged in, go to "Account Info" and choose "Manage Stories." For each story that's complete, click once in the Completed checkbox.

Q: Can I use more than one penname on the site?
Each penname must use a unique email address. You can use more than one penname if you have more than one email address; otherwise, no, you have to choose one and stick with it. Any stories you upload will be listed under that penname.

Q: I prefer to host my own stories. Can I just post a link in the archive?
We much prefer that you archive your stories here, for ease of navigation and readability, but if you are dead set against that, we do accept linked stories, as long as they are complete and otherwise meet the Submission Rules. Please register as an author with the archive, and follow the posting instructions. Instead of pasting the body of your story into the upload form, post a message stating that the story is not archived on site, but that it can be found at the following link.

If you have other questions, please email me, and I will do my best to answer them.