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Summary: Write a fic from the POV of a watcher, or Watcher. We have plenty of examples in canon (Joe Dawson, James Horton, that nameless guy who tried to pull an axe on Carl Robinson in "Run For Your Life," and the guy who wanted the Methuselah Stone to be immortal all come to mind) or write an original character and see what they think about all this.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Novellas Characters: Amy Thomas, Joe, Original Character(s), Other canon character(s)
Summary: Ever wondered where Methos goes when he vanishes for months at a time? Devo did, so she issued this challenge years ago. Any length, short to long, any genre (historical, future, slash, gen, het) -- have fun!
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Essays, Filks, Novellas Characters: Methos