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Summary: Stargate/highlander crossover Challenge: Immortal Wraith Neutralizing Life-form SGA and/or SG1 discover Alteran ‘Project Deva’, either they just find it in their travels (as they often do), or while researching a Goa’uld who took up the same name as the project. Here is my rough idea of what Project Deva would be: Project Deva Objectives: 1. Humanoid Life-form (preferably able to blend in with Alterans and Humans). 2. Capable of feeding Wraith indefinitely (ie. Immortal). 3. Growth in strength and ‘Talent’ with age(artificially induced by Wraith feeding, Wraith will inadvertently strengthen Devans). 4. ‘Talent’ to include Telepathy with intent to infiltrate and eventually control Wraith telepathic network. 5. Replace Humans as Wraith primary food group. 6. Neutralize Wraith, see objective 4. 7. Convert/Adjust/Modify Wraith to fit within current Alteran Ethics ( no killing of intelligent life-forms). 8. If Objectives 6 and 7 are unsuccessful then Annihilation of Wraith must be implemented. 9. Due to failure with Project Asura (humanoid replicators), Devans must include a self-destruct/limiting option. (there can be only one…?!) 10. Devan variation Pure/Prime (light quickening) developed to offset Wraith sabotage of variation now designated Devan Vile (dark quickening). Feel free to play around with the names and ideas, I came up with ‘Deva’ while researching Asura on wiki. The Project must have been finished after the Alterans left the Pegasus galaxy and returned to Earth as there is no indication of Immortals in the Pegasus Galaxy. The Project could also have been discovered when some Wraith get to earth and have an unpleasant encounter with an Immortal, naturally SGA are in hot pursuit and witness the exchange. On a slightly different note... I can just see/hear Methos calling Immortals "The Intergalactic Pest Control" My apologies I can't seem to get the page to setup as I want, ie there are no spaces where there are meant to be some!!
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Cassandra, Duncan, Joe, Matthew McCormick, Methos, Nick Wolfe, Other canon character(s)