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Summary: I think that since Peter Wingfield is going back to school we should write about Merhos going back to medical school. Let's see who can write the best Methos story!!!!! Anything goes:) and remember have fun!!
Categories: Short Stories Characters: Methos
Summary: I like Fic's where Methos is sneaky/clever/subtly manipulative. My challenge is to make use of the following ideas in some way for a fic:------------------- 1)Methos sneaks advice/useful knowledge/wisdom? in amongst all his 'stories/blarney/snark' that only becomes clear to the recipient much later, preferably at some crucial moment. For example the boys are discussing monsters for some reason, Methos says something like 'If I was grey and wrinkly with 3 horns and oh maybe some slime, I'd probably be allergic to detergent.' A year later on his way home from the shops Richie comes across a slimy,grey,wrinkly, 3horned demon and..... well use your imagination. Although my example is really lacking in the subtlety department.---------------------------- 2)also thought he would happily give advice/wisdom/useful information to people that need it but don't want it, but would avoid like mad to give advice to those that ask him for it. I just had a glimpse of Duncan pouting and saying 'You'll give that stranger advice but not me, why won't you help me', I'm sure Methos would have plenty to say to that!
Categories: Short Stories, Ficlets Characters: Methos
Summary: Here's a crossover fic challenge. Here's a Highlander/Stargate: SG1 crossover challenge. You have 5 to pick from. (1) Methos used to be Pierce Adams an Archeologist who was friends with Daniel's parents. After their deaths he took Daniel to live with him and raised him as a son. He encourages his facination with history. They live together for a few years before he "dies" in a very public scene. Daniel is placed somewhere else before Methos could get back to him. Now at the SGC Daniel is called on to invite Adam Pierson to join up. (2) General Hammond and General Carter meet Adam Pierson but they think he looks an awful lot like their translator in Vietnam, one Michael Adamson. (3) While at the cult house, Seth brings in an old enemy of his to show his followers what happens to those against him. He calls him Daedalus but the man keeps insisting his name is Adam Pierson. Later Seth kills him in front of SG1 and to there surprise he wakes up after everything is over. (4) Thor claims the SGC needs to find the current incarnation of Leonidas as he was the one who lead the rebellion against RA. He gives them a device to find him. It leads them to a mild mannered researcher named Adam Pierson who is an old schoolmate of Daniel's. (5) Your own Highlander/ STargate SG1 crossover with Methos as a major player. Have Fun. No SLASH preferably.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Methos