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Summary: A: "I hear you're one of those guys who likes to Watch." J: "It's, uh, clinical. For history. We don't get involved." A: "Tell me, do you watch us do everything?" J: "Only the things I can't get arrested for." A: "I like this guy." (From The Cross of St. Antoine) From the moment they met there was a spark. Joe didn't even know her name and gave her a white rose just for being beautiful. Amanda told Duncan she thought he was, "cute." When Joe was down, she came by to check on him and offer breakfast and a shoulder to lean on. She was impressed with his musical ability. Joe was just plain impressed. Both of them were willing to help the other out in a jam. Joe even gave Amanda information when an "old friend" was in the area making trouble. He lied for her. She interceded for him. He broke The Oath for her. She trusted him with her sword. Much is made of Duncan and Methos being Joe's Immortals, but Amanda is just as much Joe's as the boys are. She's a bit of a fickle friend, a featherweight and fly-by-night compared to the other two, but the affection is just as deep. Amanda is not afraid of using her feminine charms to get her way. Joe -- well he's certainly not the type to leave a girl hanging. And let's not even mention all the kissing. It's meant to be. Ports in a storm? A little bit of comfort? Outright attraction? A night of drinking with an unexpected end? Friendship with benefits? A girl wanting information and willing to do whatever it takes to get it? Something clandestine just for the hell of it? An outright romance? A long-term affair without strings? True love? You decide!
Categories: Ficlets Characters: Amanda, Joe