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Summary: Doctor Who/Highlander perhaps with something else thrown in. Doctor/Methos prompt: "I've known him much longer than he's known himself".---------------------------------------------- I came up with a basic concept but just couldn't turn it into a story, nor even a drabble...just parts of one. Here's what I do have:-------------- Doctor rushing around saving the day as usual but finds he needs walks Methos...Doc. says "what are you doing here?!" Methos:"You said you needed some help" Doc "I did?! Oh!of course I did!" ...( add something here)... at some point I see Doc being usual cheeky self and Methos naturally joins in ( an oh no there's 2 of them moment) perhaps Methos even saying exactly what Doc says at the exact same moment (you know...usual childish behavior)... some bystander saying " How do you DO that?!" Methos replies "I've known him much longer than he's known himself". .... at some point Methos says to Doc something along the lines of "Don't you need to go and send me a message?"(refer back to beginning).---------------------------------------------- That's all I've got, someone please finish this. play around with it as much as you like.
Categories: Ficlets Characters: Methos
Summary: I once read a fic where Duncan and Methos were jokingly discussing the possibility that the immortals were all children and Methos was therefore in his late teens about to approach adulthood. What if they were right? What would be the difference between a child and an adult? if any? would it be a slow or sudden change? physical,mental or some other type of change? How would Methos handle it?Is the game real or started by someone to prevent immortals from 'maturing'? Can be a crossover or not.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Methos
Summary: Basically, the general public finds out that immortals exist. How, when or where are up to you. Whose fault was it? What are the results? Be creative! It can be any length, any characters and any warnings. Have fun!
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Filks, Novellas Characters: None