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Summary: I'm probably going to get shunned and stoned for this. We all know that 'Dramatic Licence' (s5 ep5) while being very silly and sweet, is probably not one of the better eps of the series. But at the end, didn't it seem like Carolyn almost liked/amired Amanda? And if you watch the ep, she knew that Amanda and Duncan were in Turkey. So my challenge is thus. A 'Blade of the MacLoed' book Set in Turkey. A way for Carolyn to say 'thank you' to Amanda and Duncan for saving her marriage. The story must only vaguely resemble the truth as it is known to be in 'Finale Part 2' as the idea here is to take a dramatic licence to the truth.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Essays, Novellas Characters: Amanda, Duncan, Other canon character(s)