Methos doesn't give advice, or does he? by Adri
Summary: I like Fic's where Methos is sneaky/clever/subtly manipulative. My challenge is to make use of the following ideas in some way for a fic:------------------- 1)Methos sneaks advice/useful knowledge/wisdom? in amongst all his 'stories/blarney/snark' that only becomes clear to the recipient much later, preferably at some crucial moment. For example the boys are discussing monsters for some reason, Methos says something like 'If I was grey and wrinkly with 3 horns and oh maybe some slime, I'd probably be allergic to detergent.' A year later on his way home from the shops Richie comes across a slimy,grey,wrinkly, 3horned demon and..... well use your imagination. Although my example is really lacking in the subtlety department.---------------------------- 2)also thought he would happily give advice/wisdom/useful information to people that need it but don't want it, but would avoid like mad to give advice to those that ask him for it. I just had a glimpse of Duncan pouting and saying 'You'll give that stranger advice but not me, why won't you help me', I'm sure Methos would have plenty to say to that!
Categories: Short Stories, Ficlets
Characters: Methos