Crossover Fic with American McGee's Alice by cosmosqueen
Summary: Methos was in Rutledge Asylum when Alice was there and fighting in Wonderland (she goes there when she sleeps). Methos can be a doctor there or Alice's doctor. The main setting is in the present day and can be during any episode as long as Richie is not dead. Alice is still alive and is one of the queens of Wonderland (in the book, she did become a queen). She does not look like an old grandma, but around the age she is in at Alice:Madness Returns (look at trailers) and can be a bit older. Alice still has her weapons and the characters from the game are still alive. Alice meets Methos and the other Immortals (and Joe). They are not enemies with each other. Pairings are optional and this can be however long you want it to be as long as it's not a one-shot. No Methos/Alexa though (don't ask why).
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Novellas
Characters: Methos