Harry Potter/Highlander Crossover Challenge by Kikimora

Voldemort's greatest desire is to achieve immortality. Unfortunately, this is something Methos knows all too much about.

Feel free to replace "Methos" with whatever character. I just like him the best. So, I suppose this can either be an AU where Voldemort decides to go after Immortals and crack their secret, so to speak, in an attempt to himself become immortal. Or it could be a past fic where he tries the Immortal possibility before he turns to Horcruxes. Or, whatever you can think of.

An interesting problem in connecting the two fandoms: older Immortals such as Methos and perhaps Amanda would have been around at a time before the Statute of Secrecy, when wizards used to mingle within "normal" society, so they would not be surprised to be approached by someone with magic. Duncan may not be aware of magic, although he could have been told. However, when Duncan becomes possessed by Ahriman or whatever, everyone is incredulous and cannot believe that the supernatural could actually exist, which suggests they have never been confronted with magic. So, why didn't they know? Memory charms? Would a memory charm be broken if say, an immortal received a bad head injury and then healed? Or through Legimency?

Okay, I'll stop before I write the whole story for you. :)
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