Immortal grows up into.....? by Adri
Summary: I once read a fic where Duncan and Methos were jokingly discussing the possibility that the immortals were all children and Methos was therefore in his late teens about to approach adulthood. What if they were right? What would be the difference between a child and an adult? if any? would it be a slow or sudden change? physical,mental or some other type of change? How would Methos handle it?Is the game real or started by someone to prevent immortals from 'maturing'? Can be a crossover or not.
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Characters: Methos


Daycare by Maple Rated: All Audiences starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Methos and Duncan are enjoying a drink, when Methos' parents come to get him out of daycare and take him home.
Categories: Ficlets Characters: Duncan, Methos
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Challenges: Immortal grows up into.....?
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Published: 03/19/11 Updated: 03/19/11