Live, grow stronger, fight another day by alicebs
Summary: This is just an idea that came to me of a possible explanation why Methos has survived for such a long time. Once upon a time he discovered that if an Immortal sincerely surrenders their head to another Immortal, the two become bonded somehow, and the one cannot behead the other. The surrendering one is affected by the psyche and values of the one who won the challenge, who develops a protective attitude and an attachment to the one who surrendered, according to his character. This happened for the first time with Kronos, and this explains why Methos became Death, and why he cannot go against Kronos - or why Kronos cannot kill Methos, even if he often threatens to do it. Methos could escape the bond with Kronos only after thousands of years. Again, he entered such a bond with MacLeod, and was again affected by MacLeod's values. Since MacLeod has a more benevolent nature, however, the bond is not so invasive. When Kronos goes against MacLeod, Methos is caught in the middle, unable to go radically against one or the other, but with a margin of freedom that allows him to choose in the end. I am no writer, so I can only hope this plot will inspire someone to write a story based on this premise. A novella would be most satisfying!
Categories: Novellas
Characters: Caspian, Duncan, Joe, Kronos, Methos, Silas