And the Down Side to Decapitation Is...? by Marcus Rowland
Summary: I'm probably going to go to Hell for this one...

In Futurama you can survive decapitation by having your head put in a jar on life support. It's common to have celebrities appear on TV that way.

What if it was an Immortal that came up with the technology and is using it to offer other Immortals an alternative to permanent death?

The challenge is to write a story on this premise set in the Futurama world. I'd prefer humour for this one, for obvious reasons, any length but it'll probably work best as a short or ficlet.
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Jarhead (drabble) by Holde_Maid Rated: All Audiences starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1]
Summary: In the future of the Futurama universe, Duncan meets an old enemy.
Categories: Short Stories, Ficlets Characters: Duncan
Genres: Crossover, Future Fic, Gen Warnings: None
Challenges: And the Down Side to Decapitation Is...?
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 99
Published: 12/02/10 Updated: 12/02/10