Summary: Write a fic from the POV of a watcher, or Watcher. We have plenty of examples in canon (Joe Dawson, James Horton, that nameless guy who tried to pull an axe on Carl Robinson in "Run For Your Life," and the guy who wanted the Methuselah Stone to be immortal all come to mind) or write an original character and see what they think about all this.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Novellas Characters: Amy Thomas, Joe, Original Character(s), Other canon character(s)
Summary: Pirates of the Caribbean had a challenge to write a story for each cursed piece of Aztec gold. Methos had a thousand regrets -- care to tell us about one of them?
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Filks, Novellas Characters: Methos
Summary: Write a short fic where each sentence (or paragraph; either works) starts with a successive letter of the alphabet. Start anywhere you like. Work backwards or forwards. Just include them all as you go. Challenge originally issued years ago by Rac. Play, have fun!
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Summary: Ever wondered where Methos goes when he vanishes for months at a time? Devo did, so she issued this challenge years ago. Any length, short to long, any genre (historical, future, slash, gen, het) -- have fun!
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Essays, Filks, Novellas Characters: Methos
Summary: Here's a crossover fic challenge. Here's a Highlander/Stargate: SG1 crossover challenge. You have 5 to pick from. (1) Methos used to be Pierce Adams an Archeologist who was friends with Daniel's parents. After their deaths he took Daniel to live with him and raised him as a son. He encourages his facination with history. They live together for a few years before he "dies" in a very public scene. Daniel is placed somewhere else before Methos could get back to him. Now at the SGC Daniel is called on to invite Adam Pierson to join up. (2) General Hammond and General Carter meet Adam Pierson but they think he looks an awful lot like their translator in Vietnam, one Michael Adamson. (3) While at the cult house, Seth brings in an old enemy of his to show his followers what happens to those against him. He calls him Daedalus but the man keeps insisting his name is Adam Pierson. Later Seth kills him in front of SG1 and to there surprise he wakes up after everything is over. (4) Thor claims the SGC needs to find the current incarnation of Leonidas as he was the one who lead the rebellion against RA. He gives them a device to find him. It leads them to a mild mannered researcher named Adam Pierson who is an old schoolmate of Daniel's. (5) Your own Highlander/ STargate SG1 crossover with Methos as a major player. Have Fun. No SLASH preferably.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Methos
Summary: A: "I hear you're one of those guys who likes to Watch." J: "It's, uh, clinical. For history. We don't get involved." A: "Tell me, do you watch us do everything?" J: "Only the things I can't get arrested for." A: "I like this guy." (From The Cross of St. Antoine) From the moment they met there was a spark. Joe didn't even know her name and gave her a white rose just for being beautiful. Amanda told Duncan she thought he was, "cute." When Joe was down, she came by to check on him and offer breakfast and a shoulder to lean on. She was impressed with his musical ability. Joe was just plain impressed. Both of them were willing to help the other out in a jam. Joe even gave Amanda information when an "old friend" was in the area making trouble. He lied for her. She interceded for him. He broke The Oath for her. She trusted him with her sword. Much is made of Duncan and Methos being Joe's Immortals, but Amanda is just as much Joe's as the boys are. She's a bit of a fickle friend, a featherweight and fly-by-night compared to the other two, but the affection is just as deep. Amanda is not afraid of using her feminine charms to get her way. Joe -- well he's certainly not the type to leave a girl hanging. And let's not even mention all the kissing. It's meant to be. Ports in a storm? A little bit of comfort? Outright attraction? A night of drinking with an unexpected end? Friendship with benefits? A girl wanting information and willing to do whatever it takes to get it? Something clandestine just for the hell of it? An outright romance? A long-term affair without strings? True love? You decide!
Categories: Ficlets Characters: Amanda, Joe
Summary: Stories written for amand_r's challenge in 2009.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Alexa Bond, Amanda, Amy Thomas, Brian Cullen, Byron, Caspian, Cassandra, Connor, Consone, Cory Raines, Darius, Dr. Anne, Duncan, Fitzcairn, Joe, Kastagir, Kronos, Matthew McCormick, Methos, Nick Wolfe, Original Character
Summary: I once read a fic where Duncan and Methos were jokingly discussing the possibility that the immortals were all children and Methos was therefore in his late teens about to approach adulthood. What if they were right? What would be the difference between a child and an adult? if any? would it be a slow or sudden change? physical,mental or some other type of change? How would Methos handle it?Is the game real or started by someone to prevent immortals from 'maturing'? Can be a crossover or not.
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Methos
Summary: Basically, the general public finds out that immortals exist. How, when or where are up to you. Whose fault was it? What are the results? Be creative! It can be any length, any characters and any warnings. Have fun!
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Poetry, Filks, Novellas Characters: None
Summary: Stargate/highlander crossover Challenge: Immortal Wraith Neutralizing Life-form SGA and/or SG1 discover Alteran ‘Project Deva’, either they just find it in their travels (as they often do), or while researching a Goa’uld who took up the same name as the project. Here is my rough idea of what Project Deva would be: Project Deva Objectives: 1. Humanoid Life-form (preferably able to blend in with Alterans and Humans). 2. Capable of feeding Wraith indefinitely (ie. Immortal). 3. Growth in strength and ‘Talent’ with age(artificially induced by Wraith feeding, Wraith will inadvertently strengthen Devans). 4. ‘Talent’ to include Telepathy with intent to infiltrate and eventually control Wraith telepathic network. 5. Replace Humans as Wraith primary food group. 6. Neutralize Wraith, see objective 4. 7. Convert/Adjust/Modify Wraith to fit within current Alteran Ethics ( no killing of intelligent life-forms). 8. If Objectives 6 and 7 are unsuccessful then Annihilation of Wraith must be implemented. 9. Due to failure with Project Asura (humanoid replicators), Devans must include a self-destruct/limiting option. (there can be only one…?!) 10. Devan variation Pure/Prime (light quickening) developed to offset Wraith sabotage of variation now designated Devan Vile (dark quickening). Feel free to play around with the names and ideas, I came up with ‘Deva’ while researching Asura on wiki. The Project must have been finished after the Alterans left the Pegasus galaxy and returned to Earth as there is no indication of Immortals in the Pegasus Galaxy. The Project could also have been discovered when some Wraith get to earth and have an unpleasant encounter with an Immortal, naturally SGA are in hot pursuit and witness the exchange. On a slightly different note... I can just see/hear Methos calling Immortals "The Intergalactic Pest Control" My apologies I can't seem to get the page to setup as I want, ie there are no spaces where there are meant to be some!!
Categories: Short Stories, Novels, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Cassandra, Duncan, Joe, Matthew McCormick, Methos, Nick Wolfe, Other canon character(s)
Summary: Write a story or short story where Endgame never happened, happened differently, or was fixed somehow so that Connor isn't dead. Emphasis on brother/clan bonding between Duncan and Connor preferred.
Categories: Short Stories, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Connor, Duncan
Summary: I like Fic's where Methos is sneaky/clever/subtly manipulative. My challenge is to make use of the following ideas in some way for a fic:------------------- 1)Methos sneaks advice/useful knowledge/wisdom? in amongst all his 'stories/blarney/snark' that only becomes clear to the recipient much later, preferably at some crucial moment. For example the boys are discussing monsters for some reason, Methos says something like 'If I was grey and wrinkly with 3 horns and oh maybe some slime, I'd probably be allergic to detergent.' A year later on his way home from the shops Richie comes across a slimy,grey,wrinkly, 3horned demon and..... well use your imagination. Although my example is really lacking in the subtlety department.---------------------------- 2)also thought he would happily give advice/wisdom/useful information to people that need it but don't want it, but would avoid like mad to give advice to those that ask him for it. I just had a glimpse of Duncan pouting and saying 'You'll give that stranger advice but not me, why won't you help me', I'm sure Methos would have plenty to say to that!
Categories: Short Stories, Ficlets Characters: Methos
Summary: Highlander/Magnificent 7 ATF crossover. several ideas:these can be mystery/thriller/funny/sex-sex-and more sex, any one of those or something else or a mixed bag. I'm not fussy as long as Methos is involved.-------------------------------------------- 1) How would it play out if Methos was somehow involved in one of Ezra Standish's undercover operations? ------------------------------------------------------- 2) Methos moves in next door/nearby Ezra Standish and inadvertently catches his attention. ------------------------------------------------------- 3) Shit hits the fan, the ATF guys have to call in the feds for help. Mathew McCormick to the rescue... they need the ultimate undercover guy, McCormick calls in a favour... enter Methos.
Categories: Short Stories, Ficlets, Novellas Characters: Methos
Summary: Doctor Who/Highlander perhaps with something else thrown in. Doctor/Methos prompt: "I've known him much longer than he's known himself".---------------------------------------------- I came up with a basic concept but just couldn't turn it into a story, nor even a drabble...just parts of one. Here's what I do have:-------------- Doctor rushing around saving the day as usual but finds he needs walks Methos...Doc. says "what are you doing here?!" Methos:"You said you needed some help" Doc "I did?! Oh!of course I did!" ...( add something here)... at some point I see Doc being usual cheeky self and Methos naturally joins in ( an oh no there's 2 of them moment) perhaps Methos even saying exactly what Doc says at the exact same moment (you know...usual childish behavior)... some bystander saying " How do you DO that?!" Methos replies "I've known him much longer than he's known himself". .... at some point Methos says to Doc something along the lines of "Don't you need to go and send me a message?"(refer back to beginning).---------------------------------------------- That's all I've got, someone please finish this. play around with it as much as you like.
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