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Welcome to the Highlander Fiction Automated Archive. Please read the FAQs for more information about how to format your story for posting before you begin. If, after reading the Help FAQs, you're still confused about how to use the archive, please e-mail me, and I will do my best to help you.

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Regarding Word Counts and Story Categories: When posting, you will be asked to classify your story in one of the following categories. Please be careful to choose the one that matches your story:

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Short Stories:
Stories between 501 and 24,999 words.
Ficlets: Stories and drabbles of 500 words or fewer.
Poetry: All poems, long, short, and in-between.
Filks: Fan-written lyrics to existing tunes.
Essays: Nonfiction about the characters or the Highlander universe.

Please note: Stories with more than one chapter or part display a pull-down menu at the top of the story, and include "Previous" and "Next" links at the bottom.

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A note about warnings on stories: The policy of this archive is to leave warnings to the author's discretion. This means that the author may or may not choose to warn you about the content of their story, or may choose the warning "caveat lector" ("reader beware") if they wish to warn for difficult or challenging content without spoiling the story. Specific warnings may include such things as non-consensual sex, character death, infidelity, and other plot elements, so proceed with a mature sense of responsibility for your own sensitivities, please.

A note about story ratings: This archive currently uses three rating levels for stories: All Audiences, Mature Content, and ADULT. These ratings are assigned by the authors. For more information about the Genre classifications, consult the FAQs.

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If you have experience making modifications to an eFiction archive, and would like to help with a few small additions to this one, please e-mail me, and thank you!

Site News
Femslash Genre
Noticed a discrepancy in spelling where some stories were categorized "Femslash" and others "Femmeslash," and a search would not find the former. Standardized spelling to "Femslash" and recategorized stories as necessary.

--Killa on 03/18/09 - 02:29PM
Anonymous reviews disabled
As expected, I've had to disable anonymous reviews to prevent random spam-type abuse of the feature. If you wish to review a story, you will need to register with the site and log in.

--Killa on 11/02/06 - 10:33PM
New Genre Classification Added
Just added "femslash" as a genre. Can't believe I forgot to do that. Doh!

--Killa on 10/23/06 - 04:26PM